Benefits and Features of V.92/V.44
Modem on Hold: This feature allows you to receive calls while you're on the Internet. Your modem's software will inform you when a call is coming in and will give you the option to "Accept" or "Ignore" the call. If you do choose to take the call, you have six minutes to complete your call. If you do not finish the call within six minutes, you will need to re-connect. However, if you finish your call within six minutes your modem will automatically continue your Internet connection. (You must have Call Waiting from your telephone company for this feature to work.)

Caller ID: This works in conjunction with the Modem on Hold feature and does just what it sounds like. It will let you know the number of the person attempting to call you. (You must have Caller ID from your telephone company for this feature to work.)

Faster Uploads: Upload speeds on other Dial-Up modems are limited to 33.6k with the actual connect speeds coming in at around 31.2k. V.92 allows upload connection speeds up to 44k. This is an improvement of approximately 50%!!

Better Compression: V.92 modems come with improvements to how data is interpreted by the modem. In layman terms, users should expect to see an improvement of approximately 25% or more. Web pages that are primarily text based will be even faster.

Quick Connect: Everyone is familiar with the amount of time it takes to actually connect to the Internet. The modem dials up, it makes a bunch of noise and then, after about a minute and a half, the connection is actually made to the Internet. Quick connect actually reduces the time it takes to connect to the Internet by about 50%.